Upcoming Condominium Launch Singapore

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Why should you invest In Upcoming Condo?

Investing in an upcoming condominium can give you massive income if it is done properly. There are many factors that affect your outcome when investing in Upcoming condo. This is beneficial for the investors who are seeking high rate of return and easy to manage their property in which the points that can be included are:

  • Good Rental Income
  • Good returns on investment for prime location
  • Low purchase price than single family homes
  • Management of condos gets easier because of landowners rules
  • Advantage of tax and equity
  • Condos can be considered as ideal rental property
  • Different attractive properties with new designs
  • Advantageous income if invest in that
  • Create the most overwhelming commercial interior design

As it includes both freehold and leasehold properties such that both of them are beneficial for you because in leasehold if you buy a property than at the end the property remains of the property owner, in this the property remains of the freeholder once the possession of ownership is over. There are mainly 2 types of Leasehold properties i.e. 99-year and 999-year; in 99-year leasehold, when the terms and agreement of living on rent ends at that time the property will go back to owner. Second is 999-year leasehold, this is long term ownership of house in which the buyer can own the home and land both.

When it comes to freehold you can own your land and property both in your name. If you invest in Freehold Condominium you can own a land and you are free to make any changes you need, you can give it on rent or redesign as per your requirement but it cost’s higher than the leasehold property.

At the same time leasehold property has their own benefits like its less expensive compare to freehold, you can make changes to the property once you have possession of the property, in some cases developers are responsible of maintenance and repair of your property.

It is better to make choice between both when you’re looking for upcoming condo in Singapore. For more information and updates contact us and we will help you find your dream condo with the best deal.