Luxury Condominiums for Sale in Singapore

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Singapore being one of the richest city in the world is also known as glimmering heaven for the ultra-rich in real estate investment. Especially when it comes to luxury condominiums.

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Why should you buy Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

When it comes to buying a Luxury Condominium, it is one of the best thing you can own in Singapore. If you’re thinking to buy your own Luxury Condo in Singapore then here we have some reasons why you should buy it:

  1. Easy Accessibility of your daily needs
  2. As when most number of Luxury condos are situated in District 9, District 7, District 2 and District 4 in Singapore from where you can get to MRT in very short period of time because of which you can continue your daily work without any hesitation of travelling.

  3. Immensely Devastating Designs
  4. Normally the Luxury Condo developers collaborates with architects and interior designers who are globally famous who creates and bring out the most overwhelming and unique designs for each condos.

  5. Fair amount of rates for different amazing views.
  6. It is said in news that the Luxury property in Singapore are offered at very fair and cheap rates with the best views like city skyline, ocean view, forest view, etc. when it is compared to other countries. It is said that the luxury property in Hong Kong, Newyork, Los Angeles, and London cost 165% more rates than Singapore.

Luxury condo comes under both Leasehold Property and Freehold Property.

Before we start how it is advantageous to own a Leasehold Property or a Freehold Property then you should understand what exactly these terms mean?

Leasehold means a buyer buys a property but at the end the land remains of the property owner. In this case the buyer is indirectly buying a land on rent from the property owner. Where as in case of Freehold Property you can own the property you bought as well as land.

Most of Luxury condominiums are developed under government or Condominium Corporation such that the cost of buying a leasehold property gets even cheaper and low in rates when compared to buying a freehold property In Singapore. As there are different agreements that you have to fill and depending on that, you can save more amount of money by buying a Leasehold property than keeping an apartment on rent. If you are thinking to spend more time in same property then it may cost you more if you are choosing to live on rent because in long term the total of whole rent may cost you more than the original price of property.

Whether you are looking for freehold or leasehold the things that you should consider is, you should be open to all options when you buy a condo for your own such that it will help you get the best condo of your choice which can satisfy your requirements. This can also help you earn money from your property by renting it to leasehold owner. We are here for your luxury condo needs and we help you to make the best choice.